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Bin Chicken - Basic Surface Refresh

The grey surface on Bin Chicken will periodically become rough and loose. Whilst this isn’t usually problematic for riding, it is worthwhile refreshing the surface when an opportunity prevents itself.

The process is:

1. Locate a source of dry sediment fines (for example in a low patch where these have collected after rain.

2. Soak down the surface.

3. Throw fines across the surface, seeking to create a thin layer over as much surface area as possible. Throwing parallel to the surface helps.

4. Gently sweep with a broom to create a damp brushed finish. Underlying moisture will slightly penetrate into the new layer.

5. Wet down and repeat until desired finish achieved. This should cover rocks which had made their way to the surface, provide a smoother riding surface, and add to the long term durability of the trail.

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