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Safety Tips


Let's keep it rubber side down.

  • The park has high-speed jump trails.  Crashing on any these trails can result in serious injury, so always ride in control and within your limits.  If you are not used to these sorts of trails, take your time and build up skills gradually.  There's no award for hitting every feature on your first day.    


  • If you have never hit jumps on a bike before, you should consider engaging a certified instructor for lessons before attempting to hit any jumps at the bike park.  

  • Make sure your bike is in good working order, and that your tires are inflated.  People tend to run higher pressures here than out on the enduro trails.   If you are not sure whether your bike is suitable for the park, ask a local.  Using the wrong equipment is a great way to end up in a world of pain.  

  • Wear​ sensible protection.  Helmets are mandatory, but the full-face variety are recommended.  Gloves, elbow guards, knees pads, and the rest... I know we don't plan to crash but it's good to be prepared.     

  • For parents: WATCH YOUR KIDS.  It only takes a few seconds for an unsupervised young one to send it into oblivion.  It's  up to parents to keep their kids from making bad decisions.  

  • Watch that wind.  Whenever you leave the ground, you're at the mercy of the invisible moving air.  The dirt jump pad and Livewire trail are probably the worst affected - absolutely never drop in to those unless you're certain you know what the wind is doing.   

  • Leave the ego at home.  Nobody likes to see riders crashing, or getting in over their heads.  There's no place for heroes.  Come along, have fun, get stoked, and be responsible.

  • If you see something, say something.  Fostering a culture of safety is everybody's responsibility.     

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