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the trails

Bare Creek Bike Park is not like other riding spots.  It has been built on a former landfill, and designed to provide the sort of freeride-style jump trails which are not typically appropriate in bushland.  These sorts of trails are different from what many riders will have experienced in the past.  They rely on a predictable smooth trail surface, and are constructed using clay fines.  As a result, they require a different level of care and attention than singletrack or enduro-style trails.    


Bare Creek is maintained by a committed and passionate trail crew, who want to keep the park in prime condition for many years to come.  It's not paid employees; it's not council workers; it's your fellow riders.  Some of them are on the grumpy side, and chances are those are the ones who will catch you doing the wrong thing.  So, some words of wisdom...

  • Never walk on the trails or trail features.  Not only is that insanely dangerous, it will cause major damage.  There are designated walking trails are the park, and jumps are not to be used as playground equipment.   

  • Stay off wet trails, closed trails, and trails where your tingling spidey sense tells you that dropping in would be the wrong thing to do.  The park will be closed if the trails sustain damage from improper use, and only reopen once the volunteers have had a chance to complete repairs. 

  • Don't roll over the lips.   Rolling over the lips not only misses the point, it causes damage which might end up hurting your fellow riders.  Please don't drop into a trail if you know in advance that you re not ready to make a safe and serious attempt to clear all features.  

  • Never skid.  Modern day brakes are pretty amazing, so there's no excuse for skids.  Skids cause lasting damage to the trail surface.   

  • If a trail is closed off with ropes, chains, signs or anything like that: DO NOT DROP IN.  There's likely a very good reason.  Please leave it for the trail crew to decide when it's OK to reopen a trail.


  • Educate other riders.  The only way we are going to keep this park running is if we all work together to keep the trails safe from damage.  

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