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Plan Your Trip

Here's some tips from the locals.

  • Check park status, either via Northern Beaches Council, or the Trail Crew Facebook Page.   The latter might even give some tips over what's to be expected in the coming days.  

  • Be mindful of wet weather.  If it's been raining in recent days, chances are the trails will be closed.  If there's rain on the way, they could close at any time.  Bare Creek's trails are constructed from clay, which becomes soft and easily damaged when waterlogged.  The volunteer trail crew's #1 priority is protecting the trails from damage, so expect the trails to close as soon that's a danger.  

  • Check the wind forecast.  The park is pretty exposed to wind, especially the dirt jumps and expert trails.  Planning around the wind is crucial.  Early and late sessions tend to be best.

  • Bring the right gear.  Whilst anything from BMXs to DH bikes can be ridden on the gravity trails, knobby tires are not particularly welcome on the dirt jump pad.   

  • Leave the ego at home.  Nobody likes to see riders crashing, or getting in over their heads.  There's no place for heroes.  Come along, have fun, get stoked, and be responsible.

  • Safety begins at the front gate.  Observe all traffic/parking signs, and be sensible on the roads.


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