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Dirt jump etiquette

We know a lot of park visitors are new to the dirt jump scene.  If you're going to set foot on the Dirt Jump pad (the plateau above the intermediate trails), here's what you need to know before you inadvertently offend a Wookie or something.

  • Water the trails before you ride.  Riding the dirt jumps dry causes nasty damage; riding them watered makes them feel better with each run.  You'll find watering cans by the shelter, and better solutions are in the works.   They just need enough to change colour - if you're new to this ask a local for help. 

  • Leave the knobby tires behind.  These jumps are designed for smooth rolling tires, like you'd usually find on a dirt jump bike or a BMX.  Enduro bikes are not appropriate here.    

  • Don't roll over the lips.  You should aim to master each jump in a line before attempting the next.  If you come up short, pull out to the side.  Rolling over the lips not only misses the point; it causes damage which might end up hurting your fellow riders. 

  • Stay away when the trails are damp.  We can't stress this enough.  Even walking on the dirt jump pad when it's wet causes the surface to be badly damaged, as it pulls off and sticks to your shoes.    

  • Leave the ego at home.  Nobody likes to see riders crashing, or getting in over their heads.  There's no place for heroes.  Come along, have fun, get stoked, and be responsible. 

  • Educate other riders.  The only way we are going to keep this park running is if we all work together to keep the trails safe from damage.  

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